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Earn a Piece of the Action

Juicy Stakes Revenue Share Program

At Juicy Stakes, we offer a life time revenue share plan that will earn you a bigger piece of the action. We’re dedicated to working as a team, and are confident that Juicy Stakes offers your players the best in online poker action, entertainment and rewards.

Net Generated Revenue

Juicy Stakes calculates the net generated revenue (NGR) as the sum total of all associated rake and tournament fees generated by each player on a calendar month*. As per the industry standard, Juicy Stakes will deduct the following from each revenue payment:

  1. Bonuses and promotional amounts paid to players on behalf of Juicy Stakes.
  2. Any fraud attributed monies.
  3. Transactions that are reversed on behalf of Juicy Stakes or the player, including charge backs (monies reversed on behalf of the card-holders bank) and revenue deemed uncollectable.
  4. Processing charges related to your player’s Cashier transactions.
  5. Any monies paid on behalf of Juicy Stakes to player’s, paid in order to resolve a dispute.

* Associated Rake refers to the rake we attribute to real money players who were dealt cards at the beginning of the hand, regardless of their contribution to the pot. As an example: If a table has 10 players where some players fold without contributing anything to the pot but the rake is still paid for this hand (say it’s $2 for this instance), all players would have an associated rake $0.20. The equation is:

Associated Rake = (rake for the hand) / (number of players dealt cards in that hand).

Commission = [20% * (Associated Rake + Tournament fees - Costs)]